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Indian Rupees Hub

How to Get Crazy Discounts on Paid Subscriptions (99% Off)

Disclosure: Affiliate links may be used in this post and at no extra cost to you, I may earn a small commission. Know that I only recommend products/services I personally use and stand behind. Almost every second app or website requires paid subscriptions/ memberships to use their complete services. And they are not at all…

Smart Income Methods

Clever Hacks to Boost Your Earnings on GPT Sites (Earn 3x More)

Over the years, Get-Paid-To Sites and Apps have emerged as the easiest ways to make decent money online. This post lists some clever hacks to boost your gpt site earnings upto 3 times. Get-Paid-To Sites or better called GPT Sites came like absolute magic in my life. (And that’s its inception story, usually.) I was…

Smart Income Methods

ySense: The All-in-One Earning Site to Earn Money Quickly

Surely, you want to make some quick money online. Won’t you? How about a website/app that could pay you even for the easiest tasks? Okay, it sounds crazy, but, just guess, what if it existed? How insanely would your life change? (Sorry Boss…I’m out😆) Getting paid for watching videos? (Huh, it sounds freakin’ awesome!) Earning…



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